What’s up everyone! 

So This Thursday Night (Pacific Time) I’ll be doing an 1 or 2 or maybe 3 hours live stream on Twitch at around 6 or 7 or 8pm, I’ll probably be playing Gears of War campaign to start off my Twitch channel for the rest of the year. It is a pre - ExtraLive live stream event, so I’ll be advertising the event to come join and donate to Children’s Hospitals all over the world. I’ll be uploading the stream this Saturday to help out with the events going on for ExtraLife. 

If you don’t know what Extra Life is, click the link from this sentence. In other words, Extra Life is a charitable organization that gets gamers and encourages them to stream to help donations and funds for the children’s miracle network of hospitals. Which the donations really helps the sick kids in those hospitals.

Personally, I hate/makes me a depress to see a young child or children with a disease that could possibly end their short life, such as cancer, etc.. The kids in this generation could be our leaders of tomorrow. Knowing that a kid who beat cancer thanks to the loving supports always makes my day and so I thought considering a content creator who works with video games, spreading the word of Extra Life would help and I hope many others can do the same. Even if you’re not donating, just letting people know about this could possibly lead on to another person who is and wants to donate.

You’ll be doing a great thing for the many of kids out there looking for a small part of your help, a dollar may help someone in need!

I’ll be joining the Rooster Teeth Team since they were the one’s we got me aware of the ExtraLife event last year.

So Please! Donate for the kids and be sure to out my live stream on Twitch as well with Rooster Teeth’s live stream or RT Twitch? and also L8 Media’s twitch stream this Saturday! Hoped to see you there!

I’ll be posting on Twitter the time I’ll be streaming Thursday Night Pacific Time. I’ll be posting my donation page later on this week. 

RT Team:

L8 Media:

- Joemar

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I’ll be buying the poster from the RT store this Saturday for donations



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